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Russian Recipes

Russian land presents the largest variety of food. The land of creativity and art also adds the color of their fine skills to their cuisine. Their meals are a perfect delicate balance of all flavors. Sweet, tangy, and flavorful spices characterize these dishes. From an extremely long list of Russian recipes, here are the finest five picked for you to try!

Blini – A Fine Russian Recipes

Pancakes are the favorite sweet breakfast on a lazy Sunday morning. Blini are the Russian version of pancakes or the French crepe. Loaded with lots of butter, and dipped in sweet milk or jam, each Blin will taste heavenly when done the right way. With a simple batter of eggs, flour, milk, and a pinch of salt and sugar, you are all set to go. Just make sure that you conquer this game of technique with patience. Russian recipes are not difficult, but tricky if you don’t know the tricks!

Relish The Finest 5 Russian Recipes
Relish The Finest 5 Russian Recipes

Shashlik – The Famous Russian Recipes

It is a version of Shish kebab served with lamb, salmon, or chicken in Russia. Skewered meats are the life of all outdoor get-togethers, and this Russian variation is a must-try. Traditionally it is cooked on ‘mangal’, which is a barbecue without the wire grills. It uses traditional metal skewers ‘shampuri’. Kefir, pomegranate juice, and vinegar are the key ingredients to make the meat juicy and savory. Let Shashlik be your special dish at the next barbecue session!


Who doesn’t love mini pies filled with the choicest fillings that are soft enough to dissolve the moment they enter your mouth? The Russian Piroshki is just the same. Filled with a traditional filling of meat and rice, and fluffy covering, there is nothing you can do, once you start binging on these. Newer Russian recipes allow you to choose the filling as per your taste. You can fill vegetables, only meat, or even mashed potatoes. All you have to care about is making the dough correctly!


This beef-dish always uses tenderloins and therefore requires little extra cooking time. But the rich flavorful result is worth the wait! Served with crispy pan-fried potatoes originally, egg noodles and rice have now replaced it. In modern Russian recipes of Stroganoff, even the mushrooms find a prioritized place, along with the customary onions and beef. This is a delicacy you wouldn’t want to miss if you are always looking for the best beef dishes to try!


The extraordinary red soup of beetroot and cabbage, with herbs, potatoes, and Russian sour cream is the trademark dish of Russia. The list of all-time favorite Russian recipes begins with Borscht as the flag-bearer. There are various local versions of this soup, most of which have a unique flavor. It is typically served as a starter. But you won’t mind it as the main course either. The world won’t have soups this delicious if it wasn’t for Russia!

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Relish The Finest 5 Russian Recipes

For each element of a meal, the Russians have hundreds of dishes. There is no scarcity of variety, and a foodie can never get tired of eating all that Russia has to offer. Russian recipes have a way of making you feel at home, just warmer and more comfortable!

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