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Moroccan Recipes Style

The Moroccan cuisine is based on cooking meats and chicken in styles patent to the region. The various kind of utensils, cooking techniques, and the understanding of flavors are hard to find anywhere else in the world. Moroccan recipes conceal their secrets very well, only revealing the cherished luscious outcomes. The colors yellow and red hold great significance, and most of the styles attempt to bring these out. The expert chefs easily understand the condition of Moroccan recipes just by the analysis of color. Fragrances are important too. Here are four Moroccan styles which influence this cuisine greatly.

M’qualli – The Delicious Moroccan Recipes

With the necessary flavor of saffron and ginger, the Moroccan recipes following this style turn out to be yellow. The word M’qualli stands for fried in the local language. But in reality, it’s a long sautéing procedure. This style makes the broth and its flavors fully mingle with the meat. To give the yellow appearance, turmeric is the primary spice. The onion sauce, called Daghmira is also a specialty. Careful selection of meats for M’qualli takes place. The cooking of lamb, veal, meat, goat and finest chicken happens under this specific style. Lemons and olives are added for flavors, which give a sweet and sour taste.

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Knowing The Moroccan Recipes Style Cooking


This is another style resulting in yellow-colored dishes. However, the color differs in tone. It needs the eye of a celebrated and practiced chef to understand this difference. The Moroccan recipes using the Qadar technique use excess of saffron and butter. There is restricted use of spices. Since most luxurious dishes are cooked under this style, masking of flavors with spices is prohibited. Use of ginger is a strict no, as opposed to the M’qualli style. Chickpeas and chicken create simpler versions.

M’hammar – The Mouth Watering Moroccan Recipes

Often confused with M’qualli even by the Moroccan population, the use of paprika makes it unique. Cumin is also a key spice for the dishes here. The color associated with M’hammar style is deep mahogany. Cookery expertise is a must to achieve this. Do not remove the skin while preparing chicken in this style. This and the use of additional butter make this cuisine very heavy. Moroccan recipes turn red after the first marinade of M’hammar. This is due to the use of paprika. . And the meat is roasted in the oven, which gives the second red hue.

Knowing The Moroccan Recipes Style Cooking
Knowing The Moroccan Recipes Style Cooking


The literal translation of Mchermel in Arabic leads us to the word marinated. And indeed this style stands for it. The chermoula is a mix of spices for seasoning while preparing the marinades. The main item like chicken or vegetable is marinated with it. Lemons and green olives are significant in lending the taste to the marinades. The reddish hue is the characteristic of this style. Moroccan recipes usually use sheep tongue or beef. This is to be cooked the Mchermel way.

Above four are the most famous and important cooking styles practiced in Morocco. Aiming to achieve their characteristic colors, Moroccan recipes are usually greasy. But the most delicate and amazing flavors fill them!

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