Baba ganoush

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Preparation and cooking time

  • Prep:10 mins
  • Cook:40 mins
  • Easy
  • Serves 4

This deliciously easy smoky aubergine dip is perfect with warm flatbreads or pittas, or serve with other Middle Eastern dishes as part of a mezze

Nutrient Unit
kcal 167
fat 15g
saturates 2g
carbs 3g
sugars 3g
fibre 4g
protein 3g
salt 0.02g


  • 2 medium aubergines
  • 40ml extra virgin olive oil
  • ¼ tsp ground coriander
  • ¼ tsp ground cumin
  • 2 tbsp tahini
  • 1 large lemon , juiced
  • ½ small bunch parsley , finely chopped
  • flatbreads or pitta bread , to serve


  • STEP 1

Heat the grill to its highest setting. Put the aubergines on a baking sheet and grill for 35-40 mins or until completely softened, blackened and blistered, turning them halfway through with a pair of tongs. Set aside and leave to cool completely.

  • STEP 2
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Once your aubergines are cool enough to handle, gently peel off the charred skin and discard. Transfer the flesh to the large bowl of a food processor along with 30ml of the oil, the coriander, cumin, tahini, lemon and half the parsley. Season and pulse the flesh three or four times to create a chunky textured dip.

  • STEP 3

Transfer the dip to a bowl and drizzle with the remaining oil, scatter over any leftover parsley and serve with warm flatbreads or pitta.

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What is baba ganoush?

  • Baba ganoush is a dish made with aubergine (egg plant) often said to be of Lebanese origin, but there are many recipes that are similar using different spices and flavourings from all over the Middle East and beyond. There is no ‘authentic’ or original baba ganoush, each slightly different recipe is integral to the national identity of each country it is eaten in.
  • Baba ganoush is often used as a dip and likely to be served at the start of a meal. It is also eaten as a snack.
  • Some common ingredients used to make this creamy dip include garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, tahini, mint and parsley, and pomegranate seeds or walnuts.
  • Similar aubergine dishes are called, amongst other names, mutabbal, mutabal, melitzanosalata or blagadoush.
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How to remove the skin?

  • If you have a gas hob or barbecue then removing the skin by charring it over the flame will give a smokier flavour. This is easy to do but you need to use long-handled tongs to turn the aubergine as each patch blisters.
  • This recipe involves grilling the aubergine to remove the skin and cook the flesh, this also gives a smokier flavour, but you can also use an oven set to as high as it will go to bake the aubergine for around 40 mins until the flesh softens and the skins darkens.
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Tips for making baba ganoush from scratch

  • To get a delicious smoky flavour in your baba ganoush we’d recommend cooking it on the grill, over a gas flame or over a BBQ to get a good char on the skin.
  • Gradually add the oil so it that combines into a smooth creamy mixture instead of adding it all in one way, this way it emulsifies better with the wet ingredients.
  • Make sure you drain any excess liquid from the aubergine once they’re cooked so that the dish isn’t too runny and has a strong flavour.
  • Ensure it is seasoned well and that there isn’t too much lemon to turn it bitter.
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How long does baba ganoush last?

It can be kept in an airtight container in the fridge for up to three days.

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