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Arabic Recipes

If you suffer from diabetes or high sugar, but cannot control your cravings for sweets, Arabic cuisine is a boon for you! Most Arabic recipes for desserts only use the natural sweetness of dates. Artificial sugars are absent. When you are on a mission to cut slack the calories and get in shape, you won’t have to give up sweets. The date is a soft and chewy fruit, fibrous and highly beneficial for health. What can be better than desserts enriched with so much goodness! Here are 3 Arabic recipes to begin your relationship with dates!


These are Arabian date filled cookies eaten by Arabs with almost every meal. They can’t seem to get enough of it. Also extremely popular in the Middle East, Maamoul means stuffed in Arabic. Traditionally prepared as a Ramadan sweet, Maamoul’s demand has now surfaced worldwide. Thanks to the many benefits and delicious taste!

The Mahlab spice is present in these cookies. It is difficult to find and hence you can use a mixture of almond extract and anise in your Arabic recipe for Maamoul. Before getting very far, the first step you need to do is to make a jam-like paste of dates for filling of the cookies.

Arabic Recipes With Dates
Arabic Recipes With Dates

The soft filling with a crumbly outer shell is perfect for a snack or as a dessert. Arabic recipes for Maamoul tell you different shapes, which signify the type of filling done inside. A single dessert holds a long history!

Date And Honey Cake

A typical cake is judged by its fluff and sponge. But these Arabic recipes are to be judged based on the texture and taste only. These are typically thin and serve as the best dessert, without any sugar. The topping of honey and dates is added halfway while baking, which makes it caramelize and add a layer on top.

The almonds and walnuts add texture and enhance the flavors manifold times. Which Arabic recipes could do without dry fruits and nuts?

In the batter for cake, only honey is used to sweeten. A lot of it also mixed with dates and almonds for the topping. Health benefits of honey are no longer an Arab secret!

Al Haysa

This traditional Saudi dish is the pride of the Middle East. Made with very simple ingredients and even simpler techniques, this serves as the perfect delicacy. You can bring out an almond-pistachio garnished tray of Al-Haysa after a dinner party, and gain applause for all the effort. Only you know the trick!

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Arabic Recipes With Dates

Arabic recipes use a lot of butter, and without it, the true flavors can’t be brought out. First, the mixture is prepared with the flour, date spread, condensed milk, and butter together and heating. Cook till golden brown color appears. Then make balls and roll in chopped and crushed almonds. Serve warm or at room temperature. 

With Arabic recipes made using the healthy dates, you will never feel bad for treating yourself. Go ahead and make some sweets, and then eat them all.

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