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5 Best Filipino Pork Recipes in 2020

pork filipino recipes

Filipinos are incredibly popular for a lot of reasons around the world. There is no single nation without them. Their talents have been shared and loved by all that even their food is so much desired.

Accordingly, the Filipino palette is a great combination of its many influences from Chinese to Spanish dishes. It is noticeable with the ingredients and ways of their cooking. If you want to try some of them, we have here the best among them all. Let us start with the Pork family.

Pork Filipino recipes are here if you are craving for comfort foods that are quick and easy to prepare. These pork dishes showcase some of the best Filipino cuisines, and there are still more to choose. Find out the top five best Filipino recipes with pork as the main ingredient. Make some of them and understand why these people have captured the attention of the world.

Best Filipino Pork Recipes

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Pork Sinigang

It is a classic Filipino soup that will bring warmth in a cold and rainy season. It is salty and tangy, a perfect comforting food every time you feel sad or just hungry. You can serve it with rice and fish sauce or soy sauce for that additional saltiness and flavor.

This one is the most popular when it comes to foreigners. If you are familiar with the Korean Sandara Park, former 2NE1 member, she loves it so much. She has been featured in many of her videos.

Filipino Pork Ribs

The pork ribs are glazed with the tangy and sweet taste of the marinated sauce. The marinated sauce has honey and star anise for that sweet-smelling aroma and flavor. Serve it with rice, and you will surely enjoy this one together with your loved ones.

Lechon Kawali

An all-time favorite dish and one of the most favorite pork Filipino recipes that you could enjoy with your friends while drinking your favorite beer! It is effortless and quick to make. This crispy pan-fried pork belly is a delicious dish flavored with bay leaves, garlic, salt, and pepper.

Pork Afritada

A very popular Filipino stew perfect for all special occasions. It is cooked in perfection with pork shoulder, pork liver, bell pepper, green pea, garlic, potatoes, and creamy tomato sauce. Every Filipino will not miss serving this dish on birthdays and fiestas due to its mouthwatering flavor and rich gravy. It is also a dinner favorite for great reasons!


A Filipino vegetable dish served as a daily course or when you are eating with your friends and loved ones. It contains chopped pork loin and prawns stir-fried and mixed with vegetables, such as okra, eggplant, zucchini, bitter melon, green beans, tomatoes, onions, and garlic. You will surely love this dish with its mouth-watering flavors, blended vegetables, and cooking techniques used resulted in a comforting meal!

All these pork Filipino recipes will keep you wanting for more. These are must-try dishes that are very simple to make, guaranteed that you and your loved ones will enjoy the above Filipino dishes.

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