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13 Easy Korean Recipes to Make at Home

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Are you into K-dramas also? If you have not heard this word yet, it means Korean dramas. They are so popular nowadays. A lot of people enjoy them because of its wide variety of offerings from comedy to thriller stories.

Accordingly, food is something that many viewers like about K-dramas too. You will see here the best of Korea as the actors them now. Why don’t you have them in your homes too? Here are some that you can make at home now.

These easy Korean recipes bring great flavors into your meal. Here are some of the classic recipes that even a novice chef can try. They do not need a mastery of complicated techniques – just plainly an appetite! Let’s see all these thirteen easy Korean recipes that you can make at the comfort of your home.

Korean Recipes to Make at Home

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1. Bibimbap

It is a delicious classic meal that utilizes rice as a base and has various vegetables and savory meat as toppings. The main ingredient in this dish is the spicy gochujang sauce that brings all the great flavors together.

2. Candied Sweet Potato

This dish’s main ingredient is the Korean sweet potato, which has more yellow flesh and denser than the regular sweet potatoes. Together with three other ingredients, you can create a mouthwatering sweet snack that you will not want to stop munching!

3. Bulgogi

A famous Korean dish but pretty easy to make. It is just a frozen beef rib eye or top sirloin sliced into thin strips, marinated, then cooked with sliced onions and carrots.

4. Vegetable Tempura

A straightforward and healthy snack made from sliced vegetables and Korean frying batter mix.

5. Dakjjim

Next to our easy Korean recipes is Dakjjim. Just put all your ingredients into a slow cooker for a savory, sweet, and tender chicken meal that you can enjoy with rice or a salad.

6. Dumping Salad

Pan-fried dumplings with sweet, tangy, and spicy mixed vegetables. Very easy and quick to create on a weeknight.

7. Crunchy and Spicy Cucumber

A popular side dish that you can enjoy together with meat and rice.

8. Pan-fried Tteokbokki

Rice cakes pan-fried tossed with spicy and sweet sauce. Tteokbokki is entirely enjoyed by not overcooking it, so it will remain soft and easy to chew.

9. Japchae

A japchae noodle that you can find at your local grocery store. You can top it with shiitake mushrooms together with other vegetables.

10. Kimchi Fried Rice

Upgrade your fried rice with fried egg and kimchi! It will make an excellent and worthy meal that your family will surely enjoy.

11. Whole Chicken Soup

This comforting chicken soup uses a whole chicken and gets different flavors through adding onion, ginger, and garlic.

12. Corn Cheese

Your Seoul night out will never be completed without a shared platter of this oozing melted cheese corn!

13. Dak Bulgogi

The mouthwatering barbeque chicken marinated is the last in the easy Korean recipes. It has the same savory and sweet sauce of beef bulgogi meat.

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